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Artificial Grass from Turf Titans Nashville
Artificial Grass from Turf Titans Nashville

"St. Augustine 117" is an exceptional turf option, particularly for those seeking a heavier and visually striking choice. With a weight of 117 ounces per square yard (sy), it is the heaviest among the mentioned turf products, indicating its density and quality.

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st. augustine 117

The triple blade colors of field, apple, and olive green create a stunning combination that can enhance the aesthetics of any application. The presence of multiple shades adds depth and dimension to the turf, resulting in a visually captivating and dynamic appearance.

Whether you are looking to install St. Augustine 117 in a residential lawn, commercial landscape, or recreational area, it offers a versatile solution that can complement various environments. Its gorgeous blend of colors provides a vibrant and natural look that can elevate the overall beauty of the space.


Elevate your indoor spaces with the unparalleled charm of our indoor artificial grass solutions. Designed to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside, our synthetic grass offers a refreshing touch of nature to any interior environment. With a meticulous attention to detail, our indoor turf replicates the lushness of real grass while requiring no upkeep. Whether it's for commercial spaces, residential areas, or event setups, our indoor artificial grass adds a unique aesthetic and a soft, comfortable feel underfoot. Experience the benefits of low-maintenance greenery without the need for watering or sunlight. Discover a versatile range of options perfect for indoor landscaping, exhibitions, play areas, and more. Explore our collection today and transform your indoor space with the timeless allure of vibrant, realistic artificial grass. Turf Titans is here to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. 

Transform your outdoor space with our high-quality artificial turf solutions. Our synthetic grass is meticulously engineered to replicate the look and feel of natural grass while requiring minimal maintenance. With our artificial turf, you'll enjoy lush greenery all year round, without the hassle of mowing, watering, or fertilizing. Our range includes various turf options suitable for landscapes, playgrounds, sports fields, and more. Say goodbye to muddy patches and hello to a pristine, vibrant lawn that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property. Explore our collection today to discover the perfect artificial turf for your needs. Experience durability, sustainability, and beauty - all in one package. Turf Titans is here to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. 

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