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DayCare's & Preschool's
Why change to
artificial grass?

When parents are considering enrolling their child in a daycare facility, they seek a space that embodies cleanliness, safety, and aesthetics. Their expectations encompass a well-maintained and appealing environment that ensures the child's comfort. This extends beyond the indoor setting to encompass outdoor play zones, playgrounds, lawns, and more. If your current playground is covered in woodchips or sand, prospective parents might perceive it as an unkempt backyard marred by dirt, dust, weeds, bare patches, and unsightly features. To avoid this perception, it's worth exploring the potential of utilizing specialized artificial turf designed for playgrounds and daycare centers.


Artificial turf offers a secure and pristine play area Several reasons contribute to the enhanced cleanliness and safety of artificial turf for kids:


  1. Absence of dirt: Regardless of frequent rainfall or extended dry spells, artificial turf remains green, appealing, and free of dirt. The concern of children ending up covered in dust, mud, or damp sand is eliminated.

  2. Bug-free environment: Given the rising instances of children contracting illnesses due to bug bites, the bug-resistant nature of artificial turf becomes a significant advantage.

  3. Chemical-free composition: The artificial grass from Turf Titans is manufactured without lead and is non-toxic. Unlike natural grass, it doesn't necessitate pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, or other hazardous chemicals.

  4. Enhanced fall protection: When opting for artificial turf installation in a daycare playground, you can choose to include additional padding for cushioning. This offers a softer landing surface compared to natural grass.

These points highlight only a few of the ways in which artificial grass guarantees a secure and hygienic environment.



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Reduce your maintenance expenses - This choice isn't solely about being cleaner and safer; it's also a more cost-effective solution. Upon installing an artificial lawn, the need for maintenance and care virtually disappears. Your responsibilities boil down to sporadically hosing it down and brushing high-traffic zones to maintain the upright blade position. That's all there is to it! It will maintain its splendid appearance throughout the year, demanding minimal upkeep effort.


Comfort-focused – Our turf incorporates a unique heat-blocking feature, ensuring it remains cooler under the sun compared to other surfaces. Moreover, its plush, carpet-like texture guarantees that children can romp and play without the risk of getting hurt.


Enduring – Opting for our turf equates to a long-term investment. Once our synthetic grass is in place, concerns about wear and tear can be put to rest for approximately 15 to 20 years.


Effortlessly Maintained – Beyond enhancing the visual appeal and safety of your preschool's environment, our turf demands minimal upkeep. Upon installation, the worries of watering, mowing, trimming, or fertilizing become a thing of the past.

Hygienic – Perhaps of paramount importance, our turf boasts an antimicrobial surface that effectively prevents the accumulation of bacteria. This feature provides peace of mind regarding sanitation while the children engage in play.


Water-Resistant – Synthetic grass is naturally resistant to moisture and dries swiftly after rainfall, eliminating puddles or muddy patches. Furthermore, its rapid drying time allows for quicker outdoor play on rainy days, without concerns about mess, unlike real grass. No more settling for slippery pebbles or soggy wood chips post-rain!


Appealing – We excel in crafting both functional and visually captivating artificial grass landscapes. With limitless design possibilities, we can tailor your preschool's synthetic turf to precisely match your requirements. Moreover, we confidently wager that distinguishing between our synthetic grass and real grass will prove challenging without close scrutiny.

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