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Residential Artificial Grass

All Play aritificial turf exclusive to Turf Titans Nashville

We recommend considering the "Kids Play 62" for your needs. It offers a beautiful field and olive green color combination, making it aesthetically pleasing for both indoor and outdoor use. This residential artificial grass is budget-friendly and designed to be versatile, suitable for various applications such as fringes, landscapes, pet areas, and more, including being an excellent artificial grass for backyard use.

The Kids Play 62 Grass is specifically designed for low to mild-traffic areas, ensuring its durability and longevity. Whether you are considering artificial turf for backyard installations or placing artificial grass around stepping stones, it can withstand regular use without compromising its appearance or quality. This makes it suitable for residential yards, small parks, balconies, and other similar settings.

Bermuda fields artificial grass exclusive to Turf Titans Nashville

Bermuda Fields 116

"Bermuda Fields 116" is a high-quality artificial turf for residential homes product designed specifically for projects or spaces that require beautiful and luxurious turf. It can be an ideal fake grass for the backyard or artificial grass around pool areas. 

Compared to its predecessor, Bermuda Lawn 96, "Bermuda Fields 116" is an upgrade in terms of durability and versatility, making it a good choice from residential turf suppliers. It is suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications, making it a versatile choice for various projects.

Whether you need to enhance the aesthetics of a garden, patio, or commercial space, "Bermuda Fields 116" provides a visually appealing and envy-inducing turf option. Its durability ensures that it can withstand regular use and remain in excellent condition even in high-traffic areas.

Whether you're designing a residential lawn, commercial landscape, or public park, the 'Fescue Blend 97' can provide a natural and eye-catching synthetic grass for a backyard option. Ideal as artificial grass for residential use, it can help create a welcoming and refreshing outdoor space.

In addition to its visual appeal, the Fescue Blend 97 offers a thick and lush feel underfoot. This attribute adds to the overall luxurious experience of walking or relaxing on the turf, making it a comfortable and enjoyable surface to spend time on.

Fescue Blend artificial grass exclusive to Turf Titans Nashville
St Augustine artificial grass exclusive to Turf Titans Nashville

"St. Augustine 117" is an exceptional turf option, particularly for those seeking a heavier and visually striking choice. With a weight of 117 ounces per square yard (sy), it is the heaviest among the mentioned turf products, indicating its density and quality.

Whether you are looking to install St. Augustine 117 in a residential lawn, commercial landscape, or recreational area, it offers a versatile solution that can complement various environments. Its gorgeous blend of colors provides a vibrant and natural look that can elevate the overall beauty of the space.

The triple blade colors of field, apple, and olive green create a stunning combination that can enhance the aesthetics of any application. The presence of multiple shades adds depth and dimension to the turf, resulting in a visually captivating and dynamic appearance.


Pet Pro 82

Pet Pro 82 is an excellent choice for pet-friendly environments, offering durability similar to its sister product, Pet Play 72, but with the added advantage of a thicker feel. The thicker construction enhances the comfort and softness of the turf underfoot, providing a luxurious experience for both pets and humans.

With field and apple green weaved through the turf, Pet Pro 82 offers a visually appealing combination of colors. This blend adds depth and naturalness to the turf, making it an attractive choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. Whether you're creating a pet-friendly area in your backyard or designing a pet play area indoors, Pet Pro 82 can contribute to a beautiful and inviting space.

The durability of Pet Pro 82 ensures that it can withstand the activities of pets, making it a reliable option for areas where pets may run, play, or rest. Its ability to maintain its quality even under regular use makes it suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

Pet Pro artificial grass exclusive to Turf Titans Nashville
Pet Play artificial grass exclusive to Turf Titans Nashville

Pet Play 72 is an excellent choice for areas where pets can join in the fun at your residence. The inclusion of drainage perforations in the turf makes clean-up easier, ensuring that any pet mess can be efficiently managed.

The durability of Pet Play 72 is a notable feature, thanks to its dual-layered non-expansive backing. This backing adds strength and stability to the turf, allowing it to withstand the activities and playtime of pets without easily wearing out or getting damaged. This makes it a practical choice for areas where pets may frequently run, play, or dig.

Residential artificial grass is designed to resemble the look and feel of real grass while offering numerous benefits and advantages for homeowners.

Appearance: Residential artificial grass is manufactured to closely resemble the lush and vibrant appearance of natural grass. It is available in various shades of green, with different blade lengths and textures to mimic the look of different grass species.


Durability: Artificial grass is highly durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic, making it an ideal choice for residential areas with children or pets. It is designed to resist fading from UV rays and can maintain its vibrant color for many years.


Low Maintenance: One of the significant advantages of residential artificial grass is its low maintenance requirements. Unlike natural grass, it does not require mowing, watering, or fertilizing. It eliminates the need for regular lawn care tasks, saving homeowners time, effort, and money.


​Water Conservation: With increasing concerns about water scarcity and environmental sustainability, artificial grass offers a water-efficient solution. Since it does not require regular watering, it helps conserve water resources and reduces overall water consumption in residential areas.


All-Weather Usage: Residential artificial grass can be enjoyed throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions. It is designed to drain quickly, allowing rainwater to pass through, which helps prevent waterlogging and the formation of muddy patches.


Clean and Safe: Synthetic turf is designed to be safe for both children and pets. It is typically constructed with non-toxic materials and is free from allergens, pesticides, and fertilizers, reducing the risk of allergies and skin irritations. It also eliminates the need for harmful chemical treatments.


Versatility: Artificial grass can be installed in various residential areas, including front yards, backyards, rooftops, balconies, and even indoor spaces. It can be customized to fit different shapes and sizes, allowing homeowners to create unique landscaping designs.


​Noise Reduction: Residential artificial grass can help reduce noise levels in outdoor spaces. It absorbs sound, minimizing echoes and creating a quieter environment compared to hard surfaces like concrete or pavement.

  • Can urine damage the pet artificial grass?
    Although fake grass is engineered to be durable and resistant, urine causes the buildup of odor and bacteria over time. To minimize this, rinse the area with water frequently to dilute the urine. Use enzyme-based pet turf cleaners to break down stains and odors.
  • Can fleas and ticks live in pet friendly artificial grass?
    While artificial grass significantly reduces the likelihood of pests like fleas and ticks, it doesn't offer an absolute guarantee of a 100% pest-free environment. Artificial turf is an excellent choice for pet owners concerned about their pets' safety and well-being. As the grass is not organic, ticks and fleas do not survive for long in the grass even if it gets infested. Routine maintenance and cleaning further reduces the chances of accumulating dirt and grime that can attract pests.
  • Can fleas and ticks live in pet friendly artificial grass?
    While artificial grass significantly reduces the likelihood of pests like fleas and ticks, it doesn't offer an absolute guarantee of a 100% pest-free environment. Artificial turf is an excellent choice for pet owners concerned about their pets' safety and well-being. As the grass is not organic, ticks and fleas do not survive for long in the grass even if it gets infested. Routine maintenance and cleaning further reduces the chances of accumulating dirt and grime that can attract pests.
  • What tools do I need for pet turf cleaning?
    Basic tools include a pooper scooper, a hose with a nozzle attachment, a stiff brush or broom, and pet-friendly cleaning solutions. These tools will help you effectively remove waste, clean the artificial turf, and maintain its appearance.
  • Why is pet artificial turf better than natural grass?
    The instinctive tendency of dogs to dig into the loose soil of the grass out of boredom can be discouraged by installing dog artificial turf. Also, pet owners can let them out on the pet-friendly synthetic grass during any time of the day. With this, pet owners do not have to worry about their pets tracking mud back inside and dirtying the furniture.
  • How to clean pet friendly synthetic grass?
    Pick a poop scooper Take help of a dog poop scooper to get rid of the solid waste. Gentle vacuuming The dog artificial turf needs gentle vacuuming as the artificial grass tends to accumulate leaves, pets hairs, debris overtime. Gentle vacuuming is sufficient to maintain the lush green fake grass. Wash away the mess with garden hose The residual lingering or the hard to get away with gunk on the pet friendly artificial turf can be washed away with garden hose. Take help of disinfectants and deodorizers Disinfectants use chemicals that not only removes the odor but also helps get rid of the cloth stain. To give a finishing touch a turd deodorizer must be used. Rope in professional cleaners Professional turf cleaning services are required to maintain the optimal cleanliness of the dog artificial turf. Install a pet turf, it will be a game changer for you and your furry companion! The artificial turf will seamlessly integrate with your lifestyle. At Turftitans, we can help you create a perfect ground cover for your space and convert it into something truly special. Get in touch with us today.
  • Is it possible to prevent matting and flattening of the turf fibers?
    Yes. Regularly brushing the pet turf with a stiff brush or broom helps prevent matting and keeps the fibers upright. This also aids in distributing infill material evenly, if applicable.
  • Why is watering commercial synthetic turf necessary?
    Watering artificial turf fields is necessary because lubricating the surface helps avoid injuries like abrasions during slips and high impact when a person falls. Do it early in the morning or late afternoon, as during this time the rate of evaporation is generally low due to which grass is able to retain moisture for longer periods of time.
  • Can commercial artificial grass be made pet friendly?
    Yes, some variations of commercial grass come in pet-friendly options. Many types of artificial grass also feature proper drainage systems which makes cleaning up mess created by pets really easy.
  • What sets Turftitans apart from others in the market?
    The products at Turftitans adhere to the latest safety standards including DIN, REACH, and RoHS, which guarantees delivering premium customer experience. Our products are free from harmful chemicals, heavy metals and do not contain lead, rendering it a safe, eco-friendly, reliable option.
  • Can commercial artificial grass be customized for different spaces?
    Yes, commercial grass can be customized according to the requirement of different spaces, and to complement various structural designs. Contact us and share your requirements.
  • What are the steps for maintaining artificial turf?
    Routine care and maintenance of the artificial grass add more beauty and years to their life. Here is how you can do this- 1. Timely grooming Remove debris, using leaf blowers or rakes to clean the turf. 2. Addressing Pet Waste In case you have any pets, the pet waste must be promptly taken care of. Artificial turf is designed for pets which supports an effective drainage system for handling liquid. 3. Fluffing the Fibers The turf fiber must be periodically broomed and brushed in order to make it stand upright and maintain the aesthetics of the commercial space. 4. Weed Management Although commercial synthetic turf does not promote weed growth, occasionally you can witness growth of unwanted weed at the edges and seams.
  • Which variant of artificial grass is ideal for residential homes?
    For all homeowners out there, we're shouting from the rooftop: Get Kids Play 62 put in! This type of turf sports a stunning mix of field and olive green shades that'll be an eyeful for both indoor and outdoor spaces. You'll find it just perfect for a myriad of uses like edging strips, landscaping features, pet play areas, etc.
  • Is artificial grass for residential homes safe for both kids and pets?
    Sure thing, faux grass is risk-free for kids and pets. Crafted from gentle materials, this imitated residential turf keeps a wide berth from harmful pesticides or fertilizers. Plus, its straightforward clean-up and upkeep make it a top pick for households with children and critters.
  • How much would residential artificial grass installation set me back?
    The cost tied to installing residential artificial turf or grass hinges on a few variables, including the size of your yard, the type of faux turf you choose, and how complicated it is to get it fitted. Turf Titans, as one of the best residential artificial grass suppliers, brings competitive pricing to the table and can also whip up a free estimate that's customized based on what you're going after.
  • What are the benefits of installing residential artificial grass in my living area?
    Thinking about adding some artificial greenery to your home? It has a ton of perks. It's easy- to care for, earth-friendly, and quite the feast for the eyes compared to the organic grass. Artificial grass fits right in whatever space you want it - front yards, backyards, rooftops, balconies, even inside your house! Plus, artificial turf for residential use can also significantly diminish noise levels in external environments.
  • How can artificial grass for residential homes be adjusted to different shapes and sizes?
    Tweaking artificial grass to fit different forms and measures is a walk in the park. You can snip and shape it any way you need, which means homeowners can create customized garden layouts that suit their fancy.
  • How do I install artificial turf?
    The process is simple, really! Prep up the surface first, get down with a base layer, and pop in goes the turf. Turn to Turf Titans for tips and aid during installation.
  • What sets Turf Titans apart from other artificial turf suppliers?
    Turf Titans focuses on delivering nothing but top-notch products along with remarkable customer service at competitive prices – all aimed at winning hearts! Offering a diversified range loaded by trustable suppliers makes Turf Titans stand tall in the synthetic grass trade community.
  • What is artificial turf?
    Artificial turf it's like the doppelganger of natural grass. Think synthetic grass surface - that's what it is. Primarily used for jazzing up landscapes, athletic fields, and outdoorsy areas.
  • What are the benefits of using artificial turf?
    The primary benefit of artificial turf is that it’s a low-maintenance alternative, has strong stamina, plus it's an absolute water saver. And if your area sees loads of foot traffic or just refuses to grow natural grass? Artificial turf is the go-to.
  • How do I choose the right artificial turf for my needs?
    Key things to ponder are pile height, backing material, and warranty while choosing your artificial turf. But don’t stress! Turf Titans has got you covered with its quality range from reliable suppliers so you nail down the right turf!
  • Is artificial golf grass safe for the environment and wildlife?
    Artificial golf grass is perceived to be eco-friendly as it eliminates the need for harmful chemicals and significantly reduces water consumption, thereby benefiting the environment and wildlife.
  • Does artificial golf turf also require infill material?
    Infill material enhances the durability and stability of the artificial golf turf and is hence important to enhance the lifespan and performance of the turf.
  • How long does synthetic golf turf last before needing replacement?
    When maintained and used properly, high-quality artificial golf turf can last anywhere from 15 to 25 years. Turf Titans is one of the leading golf green turf suppliers, providing quality artificial turf and installation services so you can enjoy it for years to come.
  • Is artificial golf turf suitable for professional use in golf courses?
    Artificial golf turf is engineered to meet professional standards and is used in putting greens, tees, fairways, and fringe areas of golf courses.
  • Can I install golf artificial grass on uneven terrain?
    Yes, artificial grass can be installed on various terrains, including slopes and uneven surfaces; however, proper installation techniques are important to avoid issues with uneven surfaces later.
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